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What do I need to consider when sending a package to England/ the UK?

Since England left the European Union in line with the Brexit agreement, customs duties occur for shipments to England. These are usually borne by the recipient of the package to England. You should enclose a customs declaration with your parcel to England, which is either a proforma or a commercial invoice. At Sendify, you will automatically receive a form to fill out when you book a destination in England.

You also have to provide a correct indication of the dimensions and weight of your package, the address of your recipient and when your package or pallet should arrive in England/ the UK.

How long does it take to ship a parcel to England?

Since the country is stretched very long across its north-south axis, delivery times can vary greatly between destinations. For example there might be a vast difference between shipments to London in comparison to the far North of England. At Sendify we show you when your parcel will arrive in England even before you complete your booking. If you choose an express offer at Sendify, your parcel to London can be delivered as early as tomorrow.

Paket nach Großbritannien. Päckchen Großbritannien – bei Sendify versenden.

What does a parcel to England cost?

When sending a parcel to England, the packing size, i.e. the outer dimensions of the parcel, and its weight play a role. Depending on the packing size and weight in kilograms, the price for a parcel to England might vary. At Sendify you can save up to 85 % compared to the shipping prices you pay directly to a postal service.

Which postal service should I use for shipments to England?

At Sendify you don’t have to decide what postal service you want to use in advance. Instead, you can choose a new parcel service and forwarder for every booking! Currently we offer parcel shipping to England with UPS and pallet shipping to England with DSV. When you conduct a search on our site, we will automatically suggest the best offers for you. Throughout, you can see the current status of all shipments to England in the online shipment tracking section.

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